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Spring Sales: 20% Rabatt bei Cuoio e Parole

  • 🔥 With the arrival of spring we offer a special discount on all our products to Stijlmark fans waiting to meet us in person !!!
  • 💪 Unterstütze das Label von Cuoio e Parole mit Deinem Kauf
  • Investiere in nachhaltige Produkte aus kleinen Werkstätten
  • 📦 Spare Ressourcen: Direkter Versand vom Designer zu Dir
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Über Cuoio e Parole

📚 Literatur ✍️ Schreibwaren Handwerk Regional Tradition
The passion for creativity has always been our driving force.
Observing and knowing the materials, transforming them and reinventing them until obtaining an alchemy between matter and idea: this is what we do every day.
For us, leather is a gentle material that can be worked in a thousand different ways ... this is where our sketchbooks and creations come from.
Our work is done by innovation and tradition and for this reason we are very proud to bring Italian handcraft across Europe.

Via Camaiore 69
41122 Modena